This page covers the most frequently asked questions. Please read these before contacting support.


I downloaded the asset and it’s not working / I don’t have all the files / I don’t have the last version of the Infinite Runner Engine

First, start by making sure you’re running the latest current version of Unity. Then try downloading the asset again.

Is there a tutorial or something ?

Well you’re reading the documentation right now so it’s a good start. There are also video tutorials over on YouTube. Furthermore, the asset includes a complete documentation of all the classes of the Infinite Runner Engine. Plus, the code is heavily commented, so understanding it shouldn’t be too hard.

When will you release the update X or feature Y ?

When it’s done.

Can you develop that feature that I really need ?

I don’t take requests, paid or not. You can of course express your interest in a new feature, but in the end I’m the one who decides what I do with the Engine. My goal is to create a strong yet generic basis for a platformer game. If your request is very specific (like a grappling hook or a portal gun - although I reckon that’d be pretty fun), it probably won’t make it.

What are the minimum prefabs I need to start a level from scratch ?

I get that one a lot actually, so I’ve included a “minimal demo” scene in the assets. It contains, as the name implies, the only assets you need to get started. Also you can check this page.

The asset is not working with my gamepad!

Controls have been set up for keyboard and xbox pc gamepad. Obviously including support for every gamepad/configuration would be impossible, so I just went with the most common conf. Luckily for you, this has nothing to do with the Corgi Engine, and is really a general Unity matter. You should be able to find the right conf by googling it or on the Unity forums. Key binding is set up in the engine like in any other Unity project, via Edit > Project Settings > Input. Check out this page for more about Input.

The asset is crashing on my device!

My guess is it’s a performance issue.

  • does it work in the editor ? If it works in the editor, your device may not be powerful enough to run it.

  • does the MinimalLevel scene alone work on your tablet ? If it works, your device may not be powerful enough to run larger levels.

This is a general Unity performance problem, nothing really specific to the engine I’m afraid. If you absolutely want to run it on that device, aim for smaller assets, less enemies, stuff like that. some demo levels for example include some very large assets (4096x4096 backgrounds for example), clearly not fit for slow devices. Others (Flight of the Albatross for example) use shaders that may not be compatible with all mobile devices. Oh and you may want to disable camera effects like blur or depth of field, they’re not very mobile friendly either.

Where can I change the input settings ? I don’t like pressing A to jump!

Like in any good Unity project, the settings are defined in the Input Manager. You can access it via Edit > Project Settings > Input. Check out this page for more about input.

How can I add my own mobile controls, or the ones from that asset I bought ?

Check out this page for more about input.

What programming language is the asset written in ?


Am I allowed to use the code in more than one project ? Can I modify the source code or the visual assets ?

Once you’ve bought the asset you can do anything you want with the source code, you’re just not allowed to redistribute it (offer it for free, sell it anywhere, etc).

You can of course use that code to create commercial games and sell these, just don’t redistribute the contents of the asset. And yes you can modify it, use it in more than one project. It’s yours now!

Can I just compile the asset and upload it without changing anything to Google Play, Steam Greenlight or the Apple Store ?

Well no you can’t. Although this sounds like a genius masterplan, I’m afraid it’s not legal. Be imaginative, create your own game. Of course you can use the asset as a basis, that’s what it’s for.

I really love the asset, is there any way I can help ?

Of course, you could put a nice note or review on the asset on the Asset Store.

Who are you? What is More Mountains?

My name is Renaud Forestié, I’m a French game designer from Bordeaux. I also do illustration work and I’m available for freelance work. I founded More Mountains, my creative studio, in 2015, after 15 years spent as a freelance art director and game designer.

Got another question ?

Are you sure it’s not answered above ? Then you can join the discussion on the Unity Forum thread, or send me a message using the support email on the asset’s page. Or you can use the form at the bottom of this page. It’s up to you :)