This page describes the various folders found in the Infinite Runner Engine

Contents of the Asset

The asset contains a few root folders, and understanding how they’re structured will help you find what you’re looking for faster.

  • Common : This folder contains the core of the engine. You shouldn’t remove it, as all the demos depend on it, and it contains the base classes for the games you’ll create. In it you’ll find common animations, materials, sprites (mostly GUI stuff), and of course the scripts that handle everything, from object spawning to character behaviour.
  • Demos : all the demo scenes that showcase what you can do with the asset. You can safely remove this folder if you don’t want to use any of the demos as a basis for your game. Or if you’ve already had a look at it.
  • MMTools : short for More Mountains Tools, a collection of helper scripts used in all the More Mountains assets. Some of these scripts may not be used, but it’s safer to keep this folder, as a lot of the core scripts rely on it. Don’t worry about the unused scripts, they won’t make your build heavier, they’re just ignored during compilation.
  • MMInterface : a GUI package used throughout MoreMountains’ assets.